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2009-10-29 00:01:53 by TheLambsAreScreaming

Just got 2 level 4!!!!1 & I CANNOT wait to get a Wacom Tablet for Hanukkah!


Tell me what you think about it,

It is so kool! It is Mairo Paint Composer and it was free!!!

Could someone please make a silence of the lambs butterfly with the face of the angry faic? Thanks everybody!!!

Who is the best...

2009-10-22 00:21:13 by TheLambsAreScreaming

Porn star? BEGIN!!!

Ban Nearly Lifted

2009-10-20 23:01:31 by TheLambsAreScreaming

Thanks to Rig, I got my ban lifted from twenty days to two after I apologized and explained why I had Backseat Modded. SOOO, thanks to Rig, AGAIN, I am happy.

Ban Nearly Lifted


2009-10-20 10:59:08 by TheLambsAreScreaming

Finally got to level 3, made a game, and got banned in the same week! Couldn't have done it without you, Rig!


2009-10-18 15:01:22 by TheLambsAreScreaming

I kinda like Newgrounds... This is my first post obviously...Big fan of LazyMuffin, also Weeble, but that's pretty much it! Thanks for reading!

P.S. I like the taste of Lemon Ma rang Pie! IT IS SOOOO GOOD!!!